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Pain Relief Medication

If you have a painful condition, it can be hard to go about your daily life uninterrupted. Painkillers are there to block the sensation (although they don’t treat the condition causing the pain in the first place), to offer you

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General Health

From headaches to runny noses, verrucas to trapped wind, we all suffer the occasional general health complaint. Luckily, Medemitra is on hand with all the remedies you need to get yourself, your family and your children feeling right as rain

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Chronic Conditions

While some illnesses and ailments can be easily fixed with some painkillers or a course of antibiotics, others aren’t quite that simple. Conditions like diabetes, asthma and acne require proper management and ongoing treatment. Whatever disorder ails you, we have

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High Blood Pressure Medication

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a condition that affects more than a quarter of people in India. It often goes unnoticed, but without treatment, it could lead to serious problems including heart attack and stroke. Hence why

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Diabetes Medication

Diabetes is a condition that comes in two different forms; type 1 and type 2. Both affect your blood sugar levels, but type 1 diabetes is usually genetic and type 2 diabetes is typically linked to lifestyle factors. Symptoms of diabetes include feeling thirsty, urinating more often, feeling tired and having blurred

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